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Dr. B is a highly experienced physician specializing in both Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine. He has been practicing for over 30 years, having graduated from one of Tennessee’s top medical programs in 1994. Dr. B is known for his comprehensive approach to adult health, addressing everything from routine care to complex illnesses, and he also has a focus on pediatric care, ensuring a broad scope of medical expertise.

Dr. B is affiliated with several regional hospitals. He is known for his work in both hospital and outpatient settings, providing extensive medical assessments, diagnostic testing, and specialized referrals when needed.

Pastel Gradient

Recommended by licensed healthcare practitioners, Systemic Formulas utilizes a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, RNA/DNA tissue factors, amino acids, and botanicals which are synergistically formulated in a manner that targets a specific physiological system, while supporting the health of the body system as a whole.

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